Following the owners’ wishes, this house is structured as a series of boxes with interlocking roofs. The 450 m2 living space boasts a timeless design. Nestled on a hillside near the lake, the home is designed to make the most of the stunning views and changing light in every season. A sense of flow was achieved by using the same materials throughout and by carefully planning circulation elements. The main entrance, opening onto a double-story hallway with a stairway, is the centre point of the home. Most of the furniture in the house was made to measure. Bespoke steel doors slide down to hide the media centre and TV on either side of the fireplace. All materials were carefully chosen to evoke an atmosphere of comfort and contemplative calm. The softness of linen, the warmth of suede, wood flooring and silk carpets, and the hardness of metal and stone enhance the interior volumes of the building. A few prized artworks are displayed in specially designed niches.