This single-family home enjoys spectacular 180-degree views of the lake and Mont Blanc. It is surrounded on all sides by woods and vineyards. The renovation of this 1970s house gave it a new lease of life, while bringing it into compliance with current building requirements in the Canton of Vaud. To optimise the use of space, the inner layout was partly modified. A large window was added to the side of the house facing the lake, flooding the dining room with light and offering endless views of the landscape. The plot’s steep slope was used to good effect by turning part of the basement on the lakeside into habitable space. On the ground floor, the available floor area was reorganised to expanded the kitchen and create a new master bedroom with an ensuite. On the first floor, the addition of roof skylights allowed an extra bedroom and bathroom to be created without sacrificing the generous proportions of the exisiting rooms.

The home is now ready for its second incarnation.